Holding Government Accountable to Our Constitution

"Our work in defense of the State and Federal Constitutions has always been rooted in the Rights of the People and the obligations of the Government under the last ten words of the First Amendment. Known as the accountability clause, the Right to Petition Government for Redress of Grievances guarantees the Right of the People to PEACEFULLY hold the Government accountable to the rest of the Constitution."

Bob Schulz - Founder and Chairman

EVERY PROBLEM we face in our State and Country today appears to be tied to a violation of our state and federal Constitutions. HERE'S OUR PLAN to Restore Liberty and New York's Constitutional Governance:

Bob Schulz - Constitution Lobby New York


LEARN about our State and Federal Constitutions and the Plan for institutionalized citizen vigilance to hold government accountable.

Invite us to come speak about the Cause of Liberty. Our members are Leaders of major Liberty groups and projects, standing at the forefront of issue-driven meetings, events and citizen action!

Email: honoramerica@gmail.com and bob@givemeliberty.org

Our experience holding government accountable enables us to help show the way for others.

Our efforts receive statewide and often national media coverage.

WTP-NY has the FIRST STATE PLAN in the Nation to restore constitutional governance, county-by-county, town-by-town. Once in place, with thousands of supporting members standing strong, it will address every violation systematically, intelligently, rationally and professionally.  Click here to learn more.

We the People will either rally around the Divine Rights of Free Men, the Constitution and the Rule of Law, putting New York and America back on Course as only we can, or we will continue to rely on the promises and assurances of men. The choice is ours: we either engineer a mid-course correction back to the Divine Plan or we continue on the path of decline and pauperization.

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RESTORING and Exercising our Individual Rights — Together - to STOP Violations of our Constitutions and the Rule of Law

Individuals and small groups cannot prevail in restoring constitutional governance in New York or America, but a critical mass of people standing together can bring the organization, power and resources to bear, shifting power from the government back to the people, where it was meant to reside in the first place!

We are claiming our First Amendment Right to Petition Government for Redress of Grievances —a Right also Guaranteed by our State Constitution:

Current Petitions to the Judicial Branch in the form of lawsuits regarding unconstitutional actions by state government in New York:

  1. Strike Down the NY SAFE ACT
  2. Constitutional Convention Delegates (Con Con)
  3. Sheldon Silver's Misuse of State Funds
  4. Gaming/Tax Free Zones and Indian Compacts

Current Petitions to the Legislature to restore constitutional obedience carried out in decency and good order, currently located with our national petitions at www.occupytheconstitution.org :

  1. Restore Constitutional Homeland Security
  2. Ban Electronic Voting Machines